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  • Human Relations
  • Habit Building
  • Personal Growth
  • Well-being
  • Motivation
  • Mindfulness¬†
  • Diet & Exercise
  • Neuroplasticity¬†
  • Social psychology

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"With dedication, knowledge and humor, Mattia lectured on diet and exercise and how to increase well-being by living a healthy life through the right diet and healthy way of life.

He inspired and challenged the audience to think about and ask interesting questions, resulting in exciting discussions where Mattia gave good advice and answered all questions in a humble and interesting way. "
Marie Liljedahl
Folkuniversitetet, Halmstad Sweden
"Mattia has really thought about his brand, which is extreme service and meeting the customer on its basis of understanding. He has incredible recognition of a persons response to training, gives accurate instructions and feedback continually.

Mattia is really congruent with product of "training", he reviews everything before the session with clear goal and purpose. By the way, Mattia, you are a role model in a group and I really understand why you were the captain of your basketball team"
Per Vikman
CEO Pereffekt AB, responsible educator for The Academy educations
"Mattia struck me as a speaker with an ability to communicate well and within a wide range of audiences. We chose nutrition topics such as weight loss, motivational interviewing, childhood obesity, fussy eating, maternal nutrition and much more.

Mattia really enjoyed communicating messages about health, habits and nutrition to the audience. His enthusiasm in this field was one of the reasons he got fantastic feedback and testimonials from the participants.

I believe he is very able to inspire, influence and encourage change through motivational speaking. The seminar was received as very informative and his method of delivery was so easy to receive."
Annette Kraemer Batosic
Head of California Fitness Center, Makarska Croatia

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